The Journey Starts

So, here we go, my first blog. My names Ryan Sears – Avery I am 21 years old and I am currently studying a Scriptwriting for Film and TV course at Bournemouth University.

I started this blog as a part of the ‘Professional Scriptwriter’ unit. This unit consists of me writing five blog posts related to varying sections of the unit itself these sections being; The Journey Starts (Set to cover initial thoughts and expectations of the unit) A Bards Hyperbole ( Set to cover writing techniques for Theatre and Plays) The Faceless Voice (Set to cover writing techniques for Radio and Audio dramas) A Visage of Words (Set to cover writing techniques for Adaptation) The Journeys End ( Set to cover my final thoughts on the unit.)

So to begin.

My initial thoughts of this unit are those of excitement and joy coupled with those of worry and an expectation to prove myself. I say this as I have had experience in the Theatre sector as I spent 11 years of my life acting on stage and in my later years writing and devising theatre to tour the UK. I feel like because of this I should do very well within this section but im worried that I will not. Our first piece of work to do for ‘Theatre’ is to write a three page monologue; from scratch, and then to perform this in front of the lecturer and classmates. This part I have no worries with as I feel that I am a confident person and do not suffer from stage fright.

Another worry I have is that of ‘Adaptation’, this is a worry due to the fact that whatever I write it will not satisfy everybody and I am also competing against pre-existing images and thoughts about characters and the story, now I know that as a writer/ creative my job is not to satisfy everybody but instead try to satisfy a large majority. I guess adaptation is difficult as even though you have source material to work from its very difficult to make it unique and to satisfy the whole fan-base.

Overall I can say that I am very excited to start working on this unit and being able to hone my skill and craft as a writer.

So I hope you enjoy my first blog and stay tuned for more!

The First Draft Is You Just Telling Yourself The Story – Terry Pratchett

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