A Bards Hyperbole

So it begins the first part of the unit; The Professional Scriptwriter, dealt with that of the Theatre and the very first task that we were set was to write a monologue.

Monologues have always fascinated me, the one true way to understand a characters emotions and their wants and desires are through monologues. They transcend the narrative and act as an aside to the audience and almost like a meta mini narrative where the character seems to be justifying their own actions to some sort of omnipresent force. In reality if people were to monologue it would look incredibly odd and out of place, everyone just talking to themselves as if under some sort of spell. Clare Wallace questions in ‘Monologue Theatre, Solo performance and Self as Spectacle’ that ” (monologues are) merely an excuse for autobiographical excess where the performance text is little more than a collection of reminiscences or testimonies” I somewhat agree with this questioning statement and thats why I wanted mine to be so different.

I have had plenty of experience with monologues or ‘monologuing’ (which i think is the act of performing a monologue.) For when I practiced as a drama therapist and professional Actor I performed a variety of monologues, be it The Big Bad Wolf or Macbeth I had always picked the characters who felt like they had more going on between the lines.

So in order to create my character of whom I wished to monologue as, I had to go through the process; Very enjoyable process may I add, of researching characters such as Captain Jack Sparrow, Han Solo, Indiana Jones and the character of Cayde-6. These characters all fit the criteria which I set myself; that of the Charming Rogue. These characters are always the ones the audience engage with the most and the ones with the deepest story arcs. So as I went off and researched the mannerisms of Captain Jack and the quips of Cayde-6 I ended up with; who I believe to be, the very definition of the Rogue archetype and that is: Corvus Marrow.

Corvus Marrow not only embodied the Rogue archetype, he was loss personified and justice reborn. This was a character who I immediately fell in love with and found very easy to write for, he wanted justice and was not afraid to use ways to achieve this. The seminars throughout the term were extremely helpful in teaching me how to get inside the characters mind and understand him as I would another human being.

Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed this unit of Theatre and writing for the stage and I will definitely be writing more for Corvus Marrow in the near future.


Wallace. C., (1999). Monologue Theatre, Solo Performance and Self as Spectacle. [Online] Accessed: 28/05/2019 Available from: https://s3.amazonaws.com/academia.edu.documents/28738550/http___litteraria.ff.cuni.cz_books_extracts_monologues_intro.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAIWOWYYGZ2Y53UL3A&Expires=1559061837&Signature=QB3w9Nsci%2BGZOCx73Rgpn4d7zvA%3D&response-content-disposition=inline%3B%20filename%3DMonologue_Theatre_Solo_Performance_and.pdf https://s

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